Who We Are

South East Towers, LLC is a turn key management solution, general contracting corporation that specializes in the management, planning, and building of wireless infrastructures across the continental, United States. SET is an LLC based in the state of, Alabama, with headquarters in the Birmingham, area. Our team of professionals consist of a complete range of skillsets from field service professionals, corporate accounting professionals, and some of the greatest management minds in the wireless industry, today. We understand the unique perspectives of operating a thriving corporation in this ever so evolving industry. Long term financial stabilities, governance of the vast changing regulations, training and maintaining of human capitol, and managing the always moving target of excellence; SET has and will continue to meet these daily challenges with unwavering integrity and passionate pursuit of perfection.

Our Staff

Marty Reddell
Director of Operations and Founding partner

Marty has led the charge for SET, since 2010. His common sense approach, to providing customer satisfaction is refreshing, and a lost art, in the seemingly large corporate takeover of the industry. Through clear instructions, step by step training and people management, Marty brings all of us together and leads us to success daily.

Travis Thompson
Vice President of Operations
Former SET Business Development Director

Travis has solidified his place as a leader for SET’s future. Twenty years of industry management and director level experience has tested and proven his will and resolve for industry excellence. Travis strives to build and mature a team of professionals that exude integrity, trustworthiness, and dependability. Your network, your project, your site, your report, your business is safe in the hands of this unique industry leader.

Scott Ellis
Senior Program Manager

Newly acquired industry pioneer, Scott has seen it all. Scott has lead monumental efforts in the past to provide nationwide assistance to customers young and old in the industry. His determination to adapt to customer demands has given him the reputation of a solid, get it done leader. Scott has grown businesses from small one man outfits, to multi-million dollar revenue generators. His knowledge of equipment, technologies, best practices, and innovation make Scott the ultimate weapon in the fight for excellence in wireless.


Scott Boyd
Senior Program Manager

Proven corporate veteran in the wireless industry, Scott’s unique journey offers wisdom and insight from all sides. Scott built and led teams at the MLA Partner level, and the OEM service supplier levels. His perspective rounds out the team with corporate knowledge and insight on a whole new level. Understanding the goal and direction of our clients is half the battle, and Scott gives that and more. Another builder of people, Scott’s humble approach develops leaders and professionals to become industry standouts. SET is proud to have Scott’s experience on our side.

South East Region


SET was founded by Marty Reddell, immediate local provider for wireless contract services.


SET develops service offerings to include professional management services, contingent staffing solutions.


SET accumulates industry leading partners, and secures financial stabilities to become a leader in turnkey wireless industry services.

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